About Us

Nick Epps


My entire life I have struggled with weight issues. Since second grade I have tried every diet imaginable. Although I might initially lose some weight, I always ended up being my original weight or higher within 6 months. By March of 2017, I was 370 lbs. I knew that the way things were going there was a good chance I would never see 2018. In fact, I had already visited a lawyer earlier in the year to get my affairs in order. My suspicions were confirmed at my next doctor’s visit. After a thorough check up he informed me of all of my health risks . After his diagnosis I did what anyone would do in such a dire situation, I went home and prayed.

    The next day, a reminder popped up that the 3-pack training session my sister bought me for Christmas was going to expire in April. I didn’t think anything of it. I had tried going to the gym before and as every bigger person can tell you, it wasn’t a pleasant experience. Not due to the exertion of any exercise, but instead by the judgement I felt. It is easy to become embarrassed or even humiliated, when you get to that point. So when the reminder popped up I ignored it. I figured that at least I would die with some dignity.
    My sister, who received the same reminder, was furious with me. After hours and then days of guilt trips from my sister and my other family members, I begrudgingly set an appointment with a trainer named Cameron Ritter.
    Cameron not only helped with creating effective workout routines but focused on helping create a meal plan that allowed for real flexibility with the benefits of supplements. He made sure that I never felt embarrassed about where I was and helped me get stronger than I have ever been, while losing a ton of weight at the same time. Cameron was so dedicated to helping others that he would spend hours reading the latest medical studies in order to recommend products that would lead to the most effective and efficient results.
    Eventually Cameron expressed his frustrations with the products currently on the market, finding that the majority of them were under-dosed and contained a lot of filler products. When Cameron expressed his frustrations, I had a feeling come over me that God wanted us to help others the way God had Cameron help me. By creating this new line, we could help people get results quicker, which would keep people's Spirit up and keep them progessing towards their goal.
    I thank God everyday that I now have a bright future instead of a limited one and I look forward to helping others have the same.

Cameron Ritter


As a young man, I was able to experience first hand how supplements could impact someone mentally and physically. I have been using supplements since I was 15 years old and have constantly tried to improve my understanding of how they work within the body.

    My thirst for knowledge helped me obtain a B.S. in Kinesiology from California State University, Fullerton and start a career as a personal trainer. After 3 insightful years as a trainer, I had the opportunity to open a supplement store in my home state of Missouri and I took it. I owned and operated a national franchise for 5 years and loved every minute of it but found myself missing the 1-on-1 interactions I had with clients.
    Wanting to get back to my roots, I opened my own studio called PrimeTime Personal Training and started taking on clients. When PrimeTime started to thrive, I decided to part ways with the supplement store to pursue training full time. The only issue I had was I no longer had access to high quality supplements and most of the products on the market were overpriced and under dosed. When I was voicing my frustration one night, a client suggested we start our own supplement company and do things right. Seraphim Supplements is the product of that conversation.