Amazon Fire TV and Digital Marketing Membership Plans

Seraphim Consulting Memberships focus on helping new talent in gain the marketability, exposure and revenue to achieve future success.

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Silver Membership

$3,000.00 $6,000.00

Silver Membership Our Silver Plan is focused on helping people launch their career.Silver Membership Includes:Video on Demand Broadcasting of 3 Shows, 21 Episodes Per A Show2 Pay Per View Events (30% Of All Pay Per View Revenue From The Event)30% of all commercial revenue earned from your shows20% commission on any purchase from www.seraphimsu..


Gold Membership

$6,000.00 $18,000.00

Gold Membership Our Gold Membership Plan is truly the Gold Standard for anyone looking to grow their influence, exposure and revenue streams. Gold Plan Includes:Own Channel Within The Seraphim Network for 12 Months6 Categories To Organize Content Within Your ChannelDedicated Live Stream Feed For Your ChannelVideo on Demand Library For 21 ..


Platinum Membership

$21,000.00 $108,000.00

The Platinum Membership DepositThe Ultimate Plan Available.    Platinum Membership Includes:1) Your Own Channel within the Seraphim Network for 36 Months. 2) Dedicated Live Stream for your channel3) Video on Demand Library For 60 Shows(63 Episodes Per A Show)4) Video on Demand Library of up to 30 Movies5) Up to 9 Pay Per View Ev..

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